Sunday, April 30, 2017

As our thoughts turn to warmer weather, we think of renewal as well as new beginnings. Here are those for PAA:

While “Restaurants With Heart” took a Spring Break in April, we are now scheduled to get back to work in May.    We will be holding the May RWH at Kabul Afghan Cuisine in San Carlos on Monday and Tuesday, May 22nd and 23rd. for both lunch and dinner. We have been there in the past but hope for a big turn out this year as we celebrate the renewal of the dining out program. Please see the RWH section of this website for reservations.

Filling the shoes of Marlene Bollhoffer, our now retired RwH founder and tireless worker, will take more than one person. Two of us, Karen Stevens and myself, were in San Carlos today for our first restaurant owner visit.  Next week, we will be looking for former restaurants and new ones to fill the rest of the year’s schedule. Soon we will need help with advertising and greeting guests. We are hoping to share the burden of Marlene’s big job among many members. If several members step forward to take small jobs, we should be able to get the program working again in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Our next membership meeting on Tuesday June 20th at 1 PM will be held again this year at the Woodside Village Church, hosted by Erika Crowley and Nancy Cameron.  There is ample parking across the street and I’ve heard there is a beautiful native plant garden nearby.  Please do plan to join us. 

The Summer Garden Party is scheduled for Saturday August 26th but if we are to have an auction, we all need to get started looking for items. We have received one item only; Stanford football tickets collected by Gerry Nelson. Last year we had 28 items and hoped to increase that this year so we need every member to get busy.  Popular auction items are tickets for plays, concerts and games, vacation homes, golf or other activities, wine and food baskets, hobby baskets like pet dogs, gardening or baking, services like manicures or pedicures and works of art.  Remember that we can combine items into themed baskets so single items are fine. Marzette Woods has donated a wonderful collection of large baskets, now we need something to put in them. Please bring donations to the meeting in June.

Our newest fundraising project is a book based children’s event, similar to “Fancy Nancy”, we hope to hold on a Saturday in late September or October.  I have been in contact with a children’s bookstore and am waiting to get the date settled. We will then organize a committee to plan the event.

With three upcoming events as well as the ongoing projects; Thora’s Thimbles, Books and Bears, Cookbooks and Tote bags, we have room for everyone to help.

Please do!

Sarah Beetem

News from other auxiliaries:

Charter is holding Rummage Sales on May 5th  and 6th, 19th and 20th.

Allied Arts is holding a fundraiser called Blue Illusion Fashionable on May 9th.