Sunday, August 21, 2011

Volunteering is enjoyable,seasonless and always in style

August 19, 2011

Good morning, Dear Members,

I must apologize for the late posting of the Blog. Due to an incredibly busy July and August which have been filled with house guests and a mini vacation, I have had little time to do the blog. So, here I am "better late than never."

First - important reminders - please mark your calendar:
  • August 22 & 23 Restaurants with Heart at Scott's Seafood, Palo Alto. dinner only, no lunch
  • Sept. 6 Pillow Sewing & Knitting at Thora's. Please rsvp.
  • Sept. 20 General Meeting at Lucie Stern Community Center, 1305 Middlefield Road, Pal Alto, in Fireside Room from 1-3:00pm
This is our first meeting after the summer hiatus. There is much to discuss.
TONI PATERSON, the new, vibrant, president of the Association of Auxiliaries will be our guest speaker. We also have two new potential members joining us, Alvina O'Neal and Roni Wade.
  • Sept. 26 & 27 RwH at Iron Gate in Belmont. Back by popular demand - Lunch and Dinner
For upcoming events, please remember to go to the website,
click on "Calendar" for complete details. Here's a link to our website ---

Our short summer has come to a screeching halt and the season is here where we return renewed and refreshed to the business at hand, raising money for the children at LPCH. At our finger tips we have several enjoyable, successful projects by which we can do just that: the American Girl Fashion Show and Tea, selling our cookbook "Tastes, Tales and Traditions" Restaurants with Heart and the December Boutique. All these projects need our time, talents and energy.

This month, I'd like to share a little about Restaurants with Heart. Marlene Bolhoffer is the member who brought this idea to us and who works tirelessly at making it a long term success. On her RwH committee are Deborah Potash, Audrey Polster, Barbara Braun, Elizabeth Modena, Carolann Brlecic, Sharon Brugos, Ruth Wood and Luisa Pliska. However, Marlene and Deborah do the initial research and contacting of restaurants. (Deborah and her husband Roger designed the delightful RwH logo that you see on all the flyers.) They make every effort to find lovely restaurants and varied types of cuisine for us. In so doing they have delighted our palates and expanded our restaurant choices . They are open to restaurant suggestions and welcome our assistance in greeting and checking in customers who come to the restaurants. The very best and ever so rewarding way we can support this delightful project is to go to the restaurant of the month with many friends or with just your significant other!

As you can see, it is an enjoyable, seasonless, always in style, fund raiser. So, dear members - go to your closet, pick out something that makes you feel wonderful, join a friend or two and take yourself out to a delightful dinner or lunch!

  • The Primavera Restaurant at Allied Arts Guild will be closing on December 31st
  • Our dear Mary Walt passed away August 1. Many of us from PAA attended her memorial service on August 8 at the Episcopal Church in Cupertino. She was a lovely lady and a very hardworking, dedicated member. We will miss her.
  • I will be meeting this week with Lee Foster, Executive Director of Hillbarn Theatre in Foster City. This is the beginning of research on a new fund raising idea. The working title is "Matinee Maidens" or "Matinee Madness". Theater lovers, please send me title ideas. If you recall, you all did this when we asked for a cookbook title.
  • Knitted scarves, hats, baby items as well as pretty sachets, bags and other hand-made items are being created by our members in preparation for the Dec. 3 Holiday Boutique.
  • Worse than cigarettes and transfats is lethargy. Volunteering is a magnificent cure for lethargy and PAA does volunteering very well. Whether we are selling flowers on street corners or pencils at train stations as was done in 1930's or operating a restaurant, hostessing the American Girl event, selling our cookbook or promoting RwH, as we did in later years and are doing now - we did and do all of these - working hard with grace and joy. For that and future efforts, I thank you.
  • Restaurants with Heart which will be celebrating its first anniversary this August.
  • A belated one to Margaret Robinson on her July 4th birthday
  • Marge Ford who will celebrate 90 years
  • Sue Moore
  • Betty Clancy
  • Sharon Brugos
  • Gail Sachs
  • Mildred Chin
  • Inge Crozier
Come September, we will be entering our heavy duty fund raising months. Our general meetings and the Blog will be filled with news and details.

As always, I welcome your news and wishes for PAA. Until next time,