Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 6, 2012

"The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things: of shoes and ships and sealing-wax" and 
PAA's fund raising things!

 Good morning, Dear Members

Before I share our summer news, please take a moment to mark your calendars. Per your request, I have put our fund raising events in red.  Note the December 1st addition.  We will have a table at the Allied Arts Guild Holiday Sale event to sell our cookbook and the unique and lovely handiwork of our members.

Soon all active members will be receiving an invitation  to the LPCH groundbreaking Celebration on Wednesday September 6th from 10-11:30am.  all sustainers who would like to attend are most welcome.   How very exciting.  The ceremony will take place at the Packard Expansion Site on the corner of Welch Road and Quarry Road in Palo Alto.

  • Aug 14 - Pillow sewing and Knitting at Thora's. RSVP.
  • Aug 27-28 - RWH @ Scott's, Palo Alto
  • Sept 10 - Board Mtg @ 400 Hamilton, PA
  • Sept 11 - Pillow sewing and Knitting at Thora's. RSVP.
  • Sept 18 - General Mtg @ at Lucie Stern Community Ctr PA
  • Sept 24-25 - RWH @ Mandarin Gourmet, Palo Alto
  • Oct 8 - Board Mtg @ 400 Hamilton, PA
  • Oct 9 - Pillow sewing and Knitting at Thora's. RSVP.
  • Oct 16 - Annual Member Tea @ Arrillaga Family Rec Center, MP
  • Oct 22-23 - RWH @ Kabul, San Carlos
  • Nov 9 - American Girl Fashion Show
  • Nov 10 - American Girl Fashion Show
  • Nov 12 - Board Mtg @ 400 Hamilton, PA
  • Nov 13 - Pillow sewing and Knitting at Thora's. RSVP.
  • Nov 20 - General Mtg @ at Lucie Stern Community Ctr PA
  • Nov TBD - RWH @ Parkside Grill, Portola Valley
  • Dec 1 - Holiday Boutique Sale @ Allied Arts Guild
  • Dec 10 - Board Mtg @ 400 Hamilton, PA
  • Dec 11 - Pillow sewing and Knitting at Thora's. RSVP.
  • Dec 18 - General Mtg @ Lucie Stern Community Ctr PA
  • Jan 15 - Annual Membership Meeting and Luncheon at the University Club, PA
The month of August has brought very sad news.  I asked Joan Heye to send out an email regarding the passing of Audrey Polster's sister, Shirlee and BJ Sorensen's husband, Phil. 
Phil was a dedicated supporter of PAA.  Those of the restaurant days will remember how much he did for us during those years.  BJ has done (and continues to do) so much for PAA and Phil was always so supportive of her efforts.  We will miss him ever so much. 
A celebration of his life will be held August 18th from 3-5:00pm at the Sequoias, 501 Portola Road in Portola Valley.  
If you wish Memorial Gifts can be made to: 
The Sequoias-PV Tomorrow Fund Endowment
Payable to: Sr. Svcs-Nor, Cal
501 Portola Road
Box 8053
Portola Valley, CA 94028

Audrey's sister had many years of medical problems and Audrey spent hours, days and years attending to her every need.  Now, Shirlee is at peace and Audrey will have some rest.  A private family memorial service was held and Audrey said that it was a warm and loving closure for them.

Dear Audrey and BJ, we all send our sympathy. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

On a happier note:

Many thanks to Shirlee Stites for these photos of Dr. Gary Hartman's visit in May.  How fortunate we were to have him give his power point presentation at our standing-room-only meeting.  If you recall Dr. Hartman was the lead surgeon on the separation surgery of the conjoined Sabuco twins. Not only did we learn about that incredible operation but he gave us a fascinating history of conjoined twins. 

A few notes on our upcoming events:

 I bet none of you knew that Lewis Carroll added us to his famous quote from Alice in Wonderland!  Yes, indeed, soon we need to put our talents and energies toward our largest and famous fund-raising event. As you all know, Marilyn Rogers, is the new chair of the American Girl Fashion Show and Tea on November 9th and 10th. She will be at the September 18th general meeting to report on her exciting plans and how we can help - I'm sure she has big and little jobs for us to do.

Sharon Brugos has developed our latest gentle fund raiser, our Holiday Boutique.  Our talented "crafty" members are creating unique and beautiful handmade items to sell at our table at the Allied Arts Guild Holiday Sale event on Dec. 1st.

Marlene Bolhoffer and Deborah Potash continue to find wonderful restaurants for our  delicious fundraiser.  Scott's in Palo Alto is our host for August 27th and 29th.   

Edward Katchaturian, owner of Mythos Restaurant had a banner made publicizing our RwH days which he hung outside the restaurant for all to see.   The restaurant is on one of the busiest streets in San Carlos.  How very nice of Ed. 

The best way we can say thank you is to patronize his restaurant throughout the year on regular days.

 Sue Moore                                                                  Adrienne Bennett

 Sharon Brugos                                                           Kay Wangelin
 Gail Sachs                                                                  Malkah Carothers
 Marge Ford                                                                Sally Bush 
 Mildred Chen                                                             
 Inga Crozier

Please send me your birthday month we can post it in the blog and celebrate it

I have placed a Cookbook ad and a story on RwH in the new Gentry magazine called "Little Gentry."  I do subscribe and cannot find it in any stores. If anyone does receive it  could you please send me a copy or give it to me at our meeting.

Our September meeting is filled with time sensitive news that will need your help and input. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Until then, - many thanks to all who contact me with your thoughts, ideas and any news you wish to share with us. You know I always appreciate hearing from you.