Thursday, September 27, 2012

september 21, 2012

Good Morning, Dear Members -

Because I have been away for most of the month, I am running late in posting our September blog.  There is much to share of past and upcoming events some of it time sensitive and needing your input.
However because of the time constraints this will be an abbreviated blog but a very important one.  Further news will be shared in the October blog.

But first - Please mark your calendar:
  • Sept 24-25 - RWH @ Mandarin Gourmet, Palo Alto
  • Oct 8 - Board Mtg @ 400 Hamilton, PA
  • Oct 9 - Pillow sewing and Knitting at Thora's. RSVP.
  • Oct 16 - Annual Member Tea @ Arrillaga Family Rec Center, MP
  • Oct 22-23 - RWH @ Kabul, San Carlos
  • Nov 9 - American Girl Fashion Show
  • Nov 10 - American Girl Fashion Show
  • Nov 12 - Board Mtg @ 400 Hamilton, PA
  • Nov 13 - Pillow sewing and Knitting at Thora's. RSVP.
  • Nov 20 - General Mtg @ at Lucie Stern Community Ctr PA
  • Nov TBD - RWH @ Parkside Grill, Portola Valley
  • Dec 1 - Holiday boutique sale @ Allied Arts Guilt
  • Dec 10 - Board Mtg @ 400 Hamilton, PA
  • Dec 11 - Pillow sewing and Knitting at Thora's. RSVP.
  • Dec 18 - General Mtg @ Lucie Stern Community Ctr PA
  • Jan 15 - Annual Membership Mtg & Luncheon @ University Club PA
On OCTOBER 16th we will have our delightful MEMBERSHIP TEA. It will be held FROM 2-4:00pm in the lovely, spacious and covered patio at the ARRILLAGA FAMILY RECREATION CENTER, 600 ALMA STREET IN MENLO PARK. Stephanie and her membership committee have drawn directions on the back of your invitation.

Our Honorees for 2012 are: 

15 Years - Mae Skaff, Barbara Trainer,Kay Wangelin
20 Years - Samira Bahous
25 Years - Jane Andrews, Inge Crozier, Marti Deacon, Mollie Paulsen
40 Years - Susan Hull, Carolyn Lovek, June Schiller
45 Years - Marah Brehaut, Sally Bush, Carol Holmes, Rosamond Martin, Maxine McFeeters, Ginny Palmer, Marzette Woods
53 Years - Marilyn Ellis,Louise Thursby
54 Years - Shirlee Stites
58 Years - Margaret Robinson

This are all outstanding women who have given of their time and talents beginning during those years at the Restaurant when we committed to working once a week every week throughout the year and who now support our important fund raising events.

Many thank you's are in order for the fine work the Membership Committee has and is doing to make this lovely event exceptionally beautiful and enjoyable.  Special thanks to Erika Crowley who generously offered to cover the cost of the postage and did the labeling and stamping of all those invitations; to B.J. Sorenson who enclosed a personal note in the invitation encouraging and reminding those to restore their membership by bringing their dues up to date; to Nancy Bronstein who,once again, has created flower arrangements and plant holders to be filled with fresh flowers; to Mary Hicks who again created an incredible menu and her team of cooks; to Marzette Woods for doing the research to generate our list of honorees and to Deborah Potash who will do the flowers for our honorees.

 Kathy Squellati, chair of the NOMINATING COMMITTEE and her team, Erika Crowley, Marlene Bollhoffer, Malkah Carothers, Audrey Polster, Kathryn McGilvray, Barbara Sheldon and Marzette Woods have worked long hours and have selected the following slate of officers for 2013.

THE SLATE OF OFFICERS FOR 2013 is as follows:

  President:   Luisa Pliska  
  First Vice President: Kathy Squellati 
  Second Vice President:  Stephanie Beach
  Recording Secretary:  Susan Kirtley
  Corresponding Secretary:  Karole Goldie
  Treasurer:  June Schiller
  Hospitality Chair:  Dallas Manning

Our sincere thank you to all these ladies who came forward and accepted the nominations. 

October's blog will report the important news shared at the September 18th General Membership Meeting.
We had an exciting presentation by Marilyn Rodgers, chair of our American Girl Fashion Show and Tea,
If you can help please give her a call her number is 650-941-2918. All our projects have news to share as does the Bylaws committee and the Association of Auxiliaries.  We have had exciting suggestions for guest speakers at our 2013 general meetings.  All this I will share with you at our next meeting and in the October blog.

PLEASE WELCOME OUR NEWEST MEMBER, Jane Lee-Chou,  I hope to have a photo for the next Blog. We have Shirlee Stites to thank for this lovely and talented new member.  Actually, Shirlee - we have you to thank for many of our members!

 September ladies: Kay Wangelin, Adrienne Bennettk, Malkah Carothers, Sally Bush
 October ladies:  Nancy Bronstein, Jackie Clark and Luisa Pliska
 I know there are many more birthdays out there. Please send me yours so we can celebrate with you!

I am so looking forward to seeing you all at our Tea.  It is one of the loveliest meetings where we can see each other and have a good chat!  Until then, thanks to all who share their thoughts, suggestions and news with me so I can report them in the blogs.