Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We are indeed, so needed and so appreciated......

Good morning, Dear Members,

As you all know, we did not have a general meeting in April. Nevertheless, it has been a busy time. Before I share our news since last we "talked" please take the time to mark your calendars:
  • April 22-23: RWH @ Piacere, San Carlos
  • May 8: Pillow sewing and blanket knitting @ Thora's RSVP
  • MAY 15: General Meeting at Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto. Dr. Gary Hartman, 
  • May 21-22: RWH @Anatolian Kitchen in Palo Alto
  • June 12: Pillow sewing at Thora's RSVP
  • JUNE 19: General Meeting at Arrillaga Family Recreation Center in Menlo Park
  • June 25-26: RWH @ Mythos, San Carlos
  • July 11: Pillow sewing @ Thora's RSVP
  • July 24-25: RWH @ Iron Gate, Belmont
  • Aug. 14: Pillow Sewing @ Thora's RSVP
  • Aug. 27,28: RWH @ Scott's, Palo Alto
  • Sept 11: Pillow Sewing @ Thora's RSVP
  • Sept 18: General Meeting at Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto
  • Sept 24-25: RWH @ Mandarin Gourmet, Palo Alto
  • Oct 9: Pillow sewing @ Thora's RSVP
  • Oct. 16: Annual Membeship Tea @ Arrillaga Family Rec Center in Menlo Park.
  • Oct. 22-23:  RWH @ Kabul's, Belmont
  • Nov. 9-10:  American Girl Fashion show
  • Nov. 13: Pillow sewing @ Thora's RSVP
  • Nov. 20: General Meeting at Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto
  • Nov. ??: Parkside Grill in Portola Valley
  • Dec. 11: Pillow sewing& knitting @ Thora's RSVP
  • Dec.18:  General meeting at Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto
  • Jan. 15:  Annual Membership Meeting & Luncheon at University Club in Palo Alto
p.s. It is a good idea to go to our website and click on the "Events" This is constantly being updated as news develops.

This was a magnificent day for all the auxiliaries.  It was not only celebrating our successes, it was much more. It was the finest "thank you" any group has ever had. So many of the staff at LPCH took the time to "speak" with us.

Seth Ammerman, MD, Clinical Professor, Medical Director of the Teen Health Van. For our new members who might not be familiar with the Teen Van - Dr. Ammerman's program is a nationally recognized model for providing mobile healthcare to underserved, hard to reach youth. And - PAA is an important part of a collaborative effort to continue his fine work. Dr. A underscored how important we are to his program.

Gary E. Hartman, MD, Professor of Surgery, - lead surgeon on the separation procedure of the conjoined twins, gave us an incredible powerpoint presentation. Dr. Hartman also spoke to how important the Auxiliaries'  work is to helping them in advancing surgery and changing lives.

David Alexander, MD, President of the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health presented an overview of our breaking new ground and gave us a glimpse of the incredibly beautiful new children's hospital. He, too - reiterated how important our support has been.

Susan Flanagan,  Executive Vice President of LPCH shared how the Auxiliary members are such important partners in everything they do at the Hospital - not only for our financial help but also for all the services we perform for patients and their families.

Missy Ryan, Chair of the Auxiliaries Endowment, did us proud with her presentation as did Toni Paterson, our President, in Welcoming us all.  The venue was lovely, the floral centerpieces, outstanding and it was a delight to see and share the day with each other. You could not walk away without knowing just how needed and appreciated we are.  I went home feeling like a celebrity!

PAA always has and always will work for LPCH.  Those children have a corner of our heart.  Our allegiance will always be there - but it is indeed nice to have so special a day.

  • to Thora Richardson, Karen Stevens, Stephanie Beach, Nancy Bronstein, Sharon Brugos and me! for signing up to be on the ByLaws Review Committee.
  • to Shirlee Stites, B.J. Sorenson, Mary Hicks, Barbara Alelxander, Karen Stevens, Gerry Nelson, June Schiller, and Marlene Hom. Marlene Bollhoffer, Chair of RWH wants our members to know that all restaurants you suggest are contacted.  Some with great success others although they appreciate the work we do cannot participate at this time.  Please keep your suggestions coming and thank you for your interest and support in coming to those restaurants who support us.
  • Sharon Brugos for sponsoring us at the Arrillaga Family Rec Center for our June 19 General Meeting and our October 16th Membership Tea.
  • Catherine McGilvray for sponsoring us at the University Club for our January Annual Luncheon Meeting.

December 1 from 1-4 we will be selling our magnificent boutique items again at the Allied Arts Holiday sale.  Sharon asks all our crafty members to make boutique items again this year.  The best sellers were baby items, tote bags, tea towels, scarfs, hats, Christmas decorations and quilts.  If you have questions or items to donate please call Sharon (650) 328-1338.

Make your reservations for the May 21 &22 RWH - the Anatolian Kitchen in PA.

Margaret Stafford
Kathy Squellati
Rosamond Martin
Cille Emery
Dallas Manning
Ruth Wood
Jane Andrews
Louise Thursby
Mary Hicks
Donna Jones

There is much news to report and at the risk of making this blog any longer, we will have a full agenda to share at the May meeting.

Dear members  - you know I always welcome your suggestions and want to hear from you. I hope to see you all on May 15.

Until then,