Saturday, June 30, 2012

there is a peculiar magic.....

"There is a peculiar magic that reveals rewarding aspects of ourselves...."

June 28, 2012

Good morning, dear Members -

It has only been 10 days since our last membership meeting but I have much news to share . But first -


  • July 10: Pillow sewing @ Thora's RSVP
  • July 24-25: RWH @ Iron gate, Belmont
  • Aug. 14: Pillow sewing @Thora's RSVP
  • Aug. 27-28: RWH @ Scott's, Palo Alto
  • Sept. 11: Pillow sewing @ Thora's RSVP
  • Sept. 18: General Meeting at Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto 1-3:00pm
  • Sept 24-25: RWH @ Mandarin Gourmet, Palo Alto
  • (Because our busiest fund raising events and special membership events are approaching, the board has chosen to schedule our Tour of the incredible LPCH Simulation-Based Training Center for next year.)
Many thanks to all who attended our June membership meeting in the lovely Oak Room at the Arrillaga Family Recreation Center in Menlo Park.  Sharon Brugos is our sponsor once again for our delightful Membership Tea in the spacious, sunlit Sequoia Room on October 16th.

Additional thank you's to all who brought in kits and toiletries for our Teen Van Project.  Nancy Bronstein and Deborah Potash have organized this project so well that it could become one on which all the auxiliaries could work together.  The photo below was taken on May 22, when Deborah happily delivered 24 kits to Dr. Ammerman.  Needless to say - he was thrilled to receive them.

At our last membership meeting another possible all-auxiliaries' project was discussed. The Food Pantry project is an incredibly worthwhile and needed service for the families and children while they are hospitalized for a significant length of time. This is still in the planning stages and I will share news as it develops. 

At the June meeting, 23 people signed the attendance sheet and all 23 people either told me they would help or signed up to help at least once a year with the Food Pantry project. Because we are all so busy with existing projects this unanimous response is quite significant. It shows how large the PAA hearts are.  I believe there is a peculiar magic that reveals rewarding aspects of ourselves that we encounter when volunteering our time for needy children.  The boundaries between "I am too busy, can't possibly do anything else" and "needy children need my help" dissolve and we end up helping needy children. I am so proud of PAA. As the plans unfold for this project and you all learn more about it, there will be opportunity for others to join in helping.


Marlene Bollhoffer and her committee thank all who continue to support RwH.  Help is still needed in publicizing this project beyond just our members.  Please call Marlene or contact Deborah Potash if you can help hostess at the restaurants, stuff envelopes, fold flyers or drop off flyers at different locations in your area (i.e. libraries.) Draeger's Market will have our ad placed on their grocery bags during the months of July, August and September.  
Sharon Brugos  asks that we continue to make boutique items for our Dec. 1 Holiday Boutique table sales at Allied Arts Guild. Give hand-made items to Sharon and jewelry items to Deborah Potash.  Marilyn Rogers has begun plans for American Girl with a meeting on May 25  at her home.  Directories were distributed at the June meeting and members took some to deliver to those who were not present.  Thus, saving the expense of mailings.
Regarding Cookbook sales, Luisa is contacting all our existing wholesale accounts letting them know that we will not be reprinting our book and that now is the time to purchase remaining books.  If any of you wish to purchase books for future use please contact the office. Special prices are being offered to our members.


- Did you know that Charter Auxiliary, Roth Auxiliary and San Mateo-Burlingame Auxiliary have co-presidents?
Roth Auxiliary's artist member will be at the Packard Gift shop on July 11, August 9 and September 12 between 10am and 3pm for complimentary gift personalization when you purchase an item of $10 or more.
- Charter's next rummage sales will be on July 20 and 21, August 17 and 18 and September 21 and 22.

More Fall "Sister" news will be posted in subsequent Blogs. Thus, we will know how we can support each other's fundraising efforts.  We have been fortunate that there are those "Sisters"who attend our Restaurants with Heart offerings.

  • Malkah Carothers is now worth her weight in gold.  She is sporting a new titanium knee and will be dancing to our next membership meeting!
  • We had a tiny visiting "dignitary"who came to hear Dr. Hartman speak - Sarah Beetem's first grandchild: Natalie Elise Brush born April 11th.
  • September 6, 2012 LPCH expansion project will have it's ground breaking ceremony, by invitation only to community members and auxiliaries.
  • At her last dental appointment Stephanie Beach spoke with the hygienist about our Teen Van project for LPCH and asked if she might donate some toothpaste and dental floss to PAA for the kits. Stephanie came away with 24 tubes of Colgate toothpaste and 72 mint flavored dental floss containers. The hygienist offered that if we need a silent auction item they would donate an electric toothbrush.  How about that! Many thanks to the Mckenna Family Dentistry in Palo Alto. 
  • Nancy Bronstein also spoke about our Teen Van Kits project to the manager of Walgreens in San Francisco and came home with thirty plus emergency kits.  Many thanks to the Clement Street Walgreens. Bravo Nancy!
Nancy Dusthimer
Joanne Rutter
Barbara Sheldon
Marzette Woods
Shirlee Stites
Marlene Bollhoffer
Margaret Robinson

There is more to talk about which I will share with you in the next blog.  Please send me your news, your ideas and suggestions.  I always want to hear from you. Until then, dear Members, thank you for all that you do and continue to do.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Association's mission, vision and values....

Good Morning, Dear Members –

In an effort to report to you in a more timely fashion, you suggested that I post the blog twice a month. Therefore, I will now write to you at the beginning of the month and again in the middle of the month. The exact date will vary because I glean information for you from Board meetings, Presidents’ meetings, the Association of Auxiliaries’ meetings and from the calls and emails you give me.  So, please visit our website often and be up to date on all the “goings on”


·      June 12: Pillow sewing at Thora's RSVP
·      JUNE 19: General Meeting at Arrillaga Family Recreation Center in Menlo Park
·      June 25-26: RWH @ Mythos, San Carlos
·      July 11: Pillow sewing @ Thora's RSVP
·      July 24-25: RWH @ Iron Gate, Belmont
·      Aug. 14: Pillow Sewing @ Thora's RSVP
·      Aug. 27,28: RWH @ Scott's, Palo Alto
·      Sept 11: Pillow Sewing @ Thora's RSVP
·      Sept 18: General Meeting at Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto

Note that because the Lucie Stern Center is not available during the summer months our June 19th meeting will be held at the Arrillaga Family Recreation Center at 700 Alma in Menlo Park in the lovely Oak Room from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.  

I will highlight in detail the remaining events for October, November and December in the summer blogs.  However, please now mark your calendar for October 16th - our annual membership tea and November 9th and 10th for our American Girl Fashion Show and Tea as well as January 15 for our Annual membership Meeting and Luncheon. 

Marilyn is not only our newest member but also the new chair of the American Girl Fashion Show and Tea.  She is very much a volunteer par excellence.  After working for twenty years in sales and marketing at Xerox and American Express in corporate services and working with many local businesses she turned to her passion - volunteerism.

She has served on the board of the Los Altos Education foundation, has been a docent for music for minors and chaired numerous fundraisers for local schools. These past 5 years she has been a member of the National Charity League which enabled her to engage in many local philanthropic organizations.

Our fashion show has a special place in her heart since the very first show when Nancy invited her and her daughter to participate. Since then they have never left and readily volunteer each year.

Welcome, Marilyn - we're thrilled to have you.  Rest assured we will all be helping you with the American Girl event.

STANDING ROOM ONLY for Dr. Gary Hartman's presentation at our May General Membership Meeting. We had put out 50 chairs and even with adding more chairs, we had standing room only. Needless to say, Dr. Hartman is an outstanding speaker.  He gave us a very interesting history of conjoined twins but also presented magnificent slides of the preparation for and the processes involved in the actual surgery of the separation of the Sabuco twins. We were so fortunate to have him as a speaker.


  • Please keep your talented fingers knitting and sewing in preparation for our Boutique table at the Allied Arts Holiday Sale on December 1.   Sharon Brugos reported that the best sellers were baby items, tote bags, tea towels, scarves, hats, quilts and holiday decorations. or questions and items to donate please call her (650) 328-1338.
  • Our Teen Van Initiative - pilot project is underway under the capable guidance of Nancy Bronstein and Deborah Potash. The goal is to put together toiletry bags/kits on a monthly basis for Dr. Ammerman's Teens. The kit bag can be a commercial cosmetic bag - not unlike the ones given away with cosmetic purchases at the department stores.  It can be  a plastic baggie or a hand sewn cloth bag with a zipper.  
    • Here is the suggested list for the kits - you can donate items or you can assemble a kit.  The small travel size items are requested.
    • toothbrush/tooth paste
    • shampoo 
    • Body wash (no soap bars)
    • hand sanitizer
    • deodorant
    • dental floss
    • disposable razor
    • comb 

Please bring your items to our meeting on June 19th.

  • Effort is being made to have the Nominating Committee meet earlier so as to give adequate time to produce a slate of officers for next year and present it to the membership in a timely fashion. Job descriptions for the different positions opening up have been refined and clarified and you are welcome to see any of them. Please make every effort to say yes when asked to participate.
  • Very important - it is imperative that anyone interested in a bringing someone or a group to tour the hospital should call Victoria Applegate at the Auxiliaries Relations office at the Foundation first.  There are strict rules in place because of infection control policies and tour guest age regulations.


The Association's mission statement reflects who we are and why:
MISSION:  The mission of the AAC is to support our member organizations in our mutual goals of personal service and financial assistance to the children, families and staff at LPCH.
VISION: The vision of the AAC is to expand community awareness and broaden support for the family-centered programs and services at LPCH.

  • We embrace the vision of LPCH to improve the quality of life for children and expectant mothers and those who love and care for them.
  • We are dedicated to promoting awareness and developing support in our communities for LPCH.
  • We are committed to providing funds for LPCH.
  • We believe that working together as a group of member organization strengthens our support for LPCH.
Dallas Manning
Ruth Wood
Jane Andrews
Louise Thursby
Mary Hicks
Donna Jones

Nancy Dusthimer
Joanne Rutter
Barbara Sheldon
Marzette Woods
Sirlee Stites
Marlene Bollhoffer
Maragret Robinson

As always, dear members - you know I welcome your ideas and suggestions and always want to hear from you.  If you note we have responded to your requests:  we changed the venue for the Annual Membership Luncheon;  RWH contacted all the restaurants you suggested ( I will list those in a shorter Blog so we can support those restaurants;);  we are sending postcards reminding us of dates to remember and also per your request, I will be posting a shorter blog but twice a month. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns with me.

June 19th is our last meeting until September so it is a full agenda we will need to report and have your input on.  I look forward to seeing you all at the Arrillaga Center.

Until then,