Sunday, August 15, 2010

Restaurants With Heart Dinners

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I hope that you all enjoyed a relaxing Summer, and are looking forward to Fall.

The Palo Alto Auxiliary for Children thanks everyone who participated in our first Restaurants With Heart dinner at Scott's Seafood. The dinners at Scott's were a great success, with 123 diners. We raised nearly $2,000 for LPCH from the two evenings at Scott's. We hope that Restaurants With Heart will continue to be well attended, and will enable us to make a sizable donation to LPCH this year. My special thanks to Marlene Bolhoffer, who conceived the concept of a dining out fund raising project for PAA, and to her committee, who have spent countless hours over the past year, developing the Restaurants With Heart program.

Our September Restaurants With Heart dinner will be at Sultana in Menlo Park. I encourage you to go our events page which has the announcement for Sultana with all the reservation information. You make now make your reservations online, in addition to mailing a check or phoning our telephone and leaving a message.

I hope to see you at Sultana, where we will enjoy a delicious Turkish menu.

Deborah Potash,
President, PAA