Friday, September 16, 2011

"PAA has an ala carte menu...."

Good morning, Dear Members,

We now enter our busiest fund-raising season. It is our opportunity to fulfill our membership obligations and give of our time, energy and talents to raise as much money as we can for the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. Toni Paterson once said that the Palo Alto Auxiliary has an a la carte menu of projects. We do - indeed- have something for everyone. We have a very eclectic program. It is a luxury (unique to our auxiliary) that we have and that we can use to attract members who wish to give of themselves to help others. And what better cause than the needy children at the Hospital! The more members we have, the more hands we have to work at these projects. Please share our goal and activities with those you meet or with whom you work.

The blog this month will be brief and details regarding our many projects will be shared at the general meeting. For now - here are some dates to reserve on your "dance card"!

Sept. 20: 1:00pm - 3:00pm in the Fireside Room at the
Lucie Stern Community Center, 1305 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
(There is parking on the grounds and on the street.)
  • As you learned in last month's blog, our guest speaker is Toni Paterson. She is the new, young, vibrant president of the Association of Auxiliaries.
  • Please bring your travel-size toiletries for the Teen Van gifts.
  • Shirlee Stites asks that you bring any new children's books for the hospital library.
  • Sharon Brugos would welcome any items you have made for the Holiday Boutique.
Sept. 26 &27: RwH at Iron Gate Restaurant in Belmont
Oct. 4: Pillow sewing and knitting at Thora's please RSVP
Oct. 18: Annual Membership Tea at Holbrook Palmer Park
Nov. 1: Pillow sewing and knitting at Thora's please RSVP
Nov. 13 & 14: RwH at California Cafe in Palo Alto
The California Cafe will offer us their special brunch on the 13th)

This month's blog will be brief so details of our special projects will be reported at the Sept. 20
general meeting. For now, just a few notes:
  • American Girl will have the ever-so-important sign up sheets available at the meeting.
  • The membership committee has listed the members to be honored at the Tea. Please check the list below. If you do not see your name on the list and feel that you have reached a milestone year , please let Sharon Brugos know.
  • Becky Yung will be organizing the cookbook selling venues for the holidays. In addition to the tables set up at random locations we will again be selling at the Pumpkin Patch, the American Girl event and the Holiday Boutique at the Guild. Please contact her to offer your time.
10 years Active
Evelyn Lashmett
Betty Ng
Kathy Squellati

20 year Active
Joan Heye Active Associate - Velma Snow, Lita Swiryn
Rita Preston

25 years Active
Sue Moore
Thora Richardson Active Associate - Nancy Dusthimer

30 years Active
Adrienne Bennett
Malkah Carothers Active Associate - Janice McMahon

35 years Active
Marty Johnson
Bobbee Nylander
Nancy Scarff
Jane Springgate Active Associate - Joy Frost

40 years Active
Marge Meagher
Gerry Nelson Active Associate - Marcella Atherton, Norma Hough, Diana Irvin
Judy Simpson

50 years Active Associate
Betty Atkins, Bonnie Behling, Carolyn Hofstetter, Alice Kominick

57 years Active - Margaret Robinson


  • The Primavera Restaurant at Allied Arts Guild will not be closing at the end of December. They have decided to fulfill their lease and stay until next September.
  • I misspelled Marlene Bollhoffer's name in the last Blog. Also she informed me that the Restaurants with Heart logo was her design and Deborah Potash reworked the original circle into the delightful heart we now see. Forgive my errata, Marlene.
Adrienne Bennett
Sally Bush
Malkah Carothers
Kay Wangelin

Dear Members - September has been an incredibly sad month for the Palo Alto Auxiliary. We have lost three of our members Mary Walt, Betty Clancy and Martha Kozloweski. Mary Walt was a member since 1967. Betty Clancy was a member since 1974 and Martha Kozloweski since 1973. These were members who truly represented the Palo Alto Auxiliary women. They were fun, loving, giving and dedicated members. They will be missed by so many of us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families.

Please remember, dear members - that I always welcome your thoughts and ideas for PAA.
See you all at the Lucie Stern Community Center.


*I just learned that Brenda Berman passed away this September. Brenda became a member in 2005 and was active until she moved to LA in 2008. Our condolences to her family as well.