Friday, October 4, 2013

Here we are together again...

October 1, 2013

Good morning, Dear Members,

Here we are together again in the midst of our important yearly fund raising events and general meetings.  All paid members have been sent a card stock "bookmark" listing all the activities for the rest of the year. I have listed those dates below with the following additions. We have just had confirmation from our guest speaker at the Nov. 19th general membership meeting at Lucie Stern Community Center.  Jack Komejan, LCSW, will share the overall work of the LPCH Social Services Department as well as the Transplant camp (which we funded) and the magnificent work of our newly formed Packard Pantry Affiliate. Also, please note that the October 8th Thora's Thimbles will not be meeting this month.  Our pillow ladies have made more than enough pillows ready to be delivered when needed.  Please mark your calendar.

Oct 8 - Thora's Thimbles, Stephanie Beach's home 9:30 am. RSVP (will not meet this month)
Oct 14 - Board Mtg @ 400 Hamilton, PA
Oct 15 - Annual Membership Tea & Mtg @ at Arrillaga Family Rec Center, Menlo Park 1-3:00pm
Oct. 28-29 - RWH at Quinto Sol, Redwood City
Nov 11 - Board Mtg @ 400 Hamilton, PA
Nov 12 - Thora's Thimbles, Stephanie Beach's home 9:30 am. RSVP
Nov 19-20 - RWH at Creola, San Carlos
Nov 19 - General Mtg @ at Lucie Stern Community Ctr PA
Dec. 7 - Holiday Boutique, Allied Arts Guild, Menlo Park
Dec 9 - Board Mtg @ 400 Hamilton, PA
Dec 10 - Thora's Thimbles, Stephanie Beach's home 9:30 am. RSVP

I must thank Kathy Squellati for handling and attending three different meetings for me while I was away. One could not ask for a better Vice President!  For those who were unable to attend the September General Meeting here are some highlights:  Dr. Ammerman presented details on his program, The Teen Health Van, Marilyn Rogers, Chair of our American Girl Fashion Show reported on the exciting plans coming to fruition for October 25th and 26th.  Volunteers are still needed for various jobs. If you would like to volunteer please call Nancy Larsson (650)967-4384. There are many jobs that still need helpers. Sharon Brugos asks for donations for our Holiday Boutique on December 7th. Mary Hicks presented an exquisite menu for our Annual Tea on October 15 and asked for volunteers interested in preparing food. Nancy Bronstein shared news that Anna Henderson from Allied Arts Auxiliary will be chairing the THV Affiliate program which will consist of 3 projects: 1.Clothing, 2. Toiletry Kits and 3 Food, beverages and gift cards.

EXCITING NEWS:  B.J. Sorenson presented the Nominating Committee's proposed slate of officers for PAABoard position for 2014:  CO-PRESIDENTS: Sarah Beetem and Nancy Larsson; 1st VP:  Stephanie Beach;  Recording Secretary:  Ellen Smith;  Corresponding Secretary:  Susan Kirtley;  Treasurer:  June Schiller;    Hospitality:  Dallas Manning.

This is a wonderful slate of officers. Thank you to each one who accepted the position. This slate will be voted on at the Membership Tea.
Roth Auxiliary will be having complimentary gift personalization at the Gift Shop on October 8 and 23 when you purchase an item of $10 or more. Charter's next Rummage Sale at 1228 Douglas Ave. in Redwood City is schedule for October 28-29.  San Jose's 41st annual Pumpkin Patch Boutique will be held October 12, 9am-3pm at 1st Congregational Church, 1980 Hamilton Ave. in San Jose.(we will be selling our cookbook there) San Francisco's Jewel Ball will be held Nov.9 at the Four Seasons in S.F. Allied Arts Guild will hold there Holiday Market on December 7th (we will be selling our unique handmade items and our cookbook there)

REACH OUT AND READ AFFILIATE is up and running successfully. They are still accepting volunteers interested.

As co-chair of the PACKARD PANTRY AFFILIATE I am thrilled to report to you our results from 5/9/13 through 8/22/13.  Since May 2013, the Packard Pantry Affiliate has delivered groceries for Packard patient families staying at the Hospital or Ronald McDonald House, while their children receive medial treatment. These figures demonstrate the Affiliate's significant impact:
Number of Groceries Deliveries:  7 days
Number of Grocery Bags Packed:  105
Number of Pounds of Food Distributed:  2,632
Number of Families Served:  99
Number of Persons Served:  280
Number of Volunteer Hours:  48 hours, including 7 training hours
Number of Volunteer Slots Covered:  25
Number of New Affiliate Volunteers:  13
Number of Trained New Shoppers:  7
Needless to say we need more volunteers - to date we have had volunteers from the following auxiliaries: Allied Arts, San Jose, San Mateo/Burlingame, San Francisco and of course, Palo Alto.
I am so proud of all these people but especially our members.  We are so incredibly busy at this time of year with our own fund raising events that it showcases the magnificent strength and dedication of our members. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Once the New Year is upon us I hope many of you will donate just one day for Packard Pantry.

Should you be interested in volunteering for either of these affiliate projects go to or contact me 650-593-9334.  These are truly feel-good projects.

When I returned from New York I learned that Malkah Carothers' husband, Donald passed away on September 12th at the age of 83. A memorial service was held on September 28th.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Malkah and her family.  A donation will be made to LPCH in his memory.

 OUR HONOREES TO BE HONORED AT THE TEA:                                                               
15 Years          Stephanie Beach                                             
                        Dora Fergason                                                 
20 Years          Sharon Brugos
25 Years          Marjorie Ford                                                                            
30 Years          Ginny Lee                                                                                    
                        Gail Sachs
                         Idonna Snow                                                    
35 Years          Erika Crowley
                        Barbara McCall
                        Cille Emery

40 Years          Henrietta Ferry
                        Marcie Freeman
                        Margie Harrington
                        Maureen Roskoph
                        Barbara Moll
                        Eleanor Settle

45 Years          Dee Cunningham         
                        Deedee McMurtry
                        Betty Plemons
                        Norene Scholz

50 Years          Phyllis Austin
                         Betty Peterson-Brawner
                         Ceci Britton
                         B.J. Sorensen

51 Years          Helen Smith

55 Years          Rita Benedict
                        Beverly Bulmore
                        Rita Chaput
                        Shirlee Stites
Nancy Bronstein, Sue Ellen Naugler, Luisa Pliska

Sarah Beetem, Jane Bradley, Ellen Latour, Gerry Nelson, Marilyn Slater, Karen Stevens, Karen Sutherland, Kay Willoughby

These upcoming months are packed with our fund raising events that need so much of our time and talents.  We know that money enables us to make a difference in the lives of the needy children and families at LPCH. However, all our non-money making projects give much more than money and those projects are thriving.  Thank you all for your hard work and joyful participation.  We are indeed women of substance with the power to make a difference.