Friday, February 12, 2016

February News

2015 was a great year; we increased monies earned by $15,000 over 2014. The new method of calibrating “soft donations” (or as Sarah Beetem put it, “Gifts in kind are kind gifts”) totaled $32,799, raising our donation to $107,799. Add to that the $134,139 member donations directly given to the Hospital and it is…………



The upcoming Annual Association of Auxiliaries Celebration Luncheon will be on March 2 at Sharron Heights Golf & Country Club. The program begins at 11, but come a half hour early to get coffee and chat with old friends…or makes some new ones!

This event is very special, as it is our yearly chance to get updates on the other Auxiliaries, upcoming news from the Hospital (and the new building!) and hear heart-warming stories of how our donations have made a difference.

If you can’t find your invitation…send a $25 check to Association of Auxiliaries for Children, Eve Shaw, LPFCH, 400 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto 94301. Latest Feb.24

There is a spot for requesting seatmates. This year each table will be divided between 2 auxiliaries to give us all a new perspective. If you don’t know who to request…you can put my name down!

Restaurants With Heart will be at Divino Ristorante in Belmont on Monday, February 22 and Tuesday, February 23.  Enjoy the delicious, authentic house-made cuisine while supporting the Hospital! 

American Girl is gearing up again! (Yes! Already!) We will be holding our first planning committee meeting in March. Please let me know if you are interested in joining the planning fun.

And if you are interested in working on a sporty event for children, I’d love to chat with you! To help with the Tote Bags, please contact Dallas Comfort items made by Thora’s Thimbles, Ellen

On a personal note, our 12 month old grandson landed at LPCH for a few nights earlier this month. All turned out to be fine, but it was very reassuring to have the World’s Leading Authority in the Field be the one to check him out! We are so fortunate to have LPCH in our neighborhood!

While there, we were able to see the Translation iPads, the COWs (Computers on Wheels), the owls, blankets and books that we have donated put to such great use! Made me want to get home and get cracking on PAA work!

Here’s to continued improvement in 2016.