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Update on meetings, PAA donations for 2010 & more

March 1, 2011

Good Morning, Dear Members,

Many thanks to all who made the trek to Redwood City for our meeting at Harry’s Hofbrau.  We had a delightful time and shared a great deal of information.  Not the least of which were our goals for 2011:  to recruit members; to find an appropriate meeting venue; to sell the remaining cookbooks – meeting our goal of 10,000 sold; to support all our projects including our new endeavor “Restaurants with Heart and to enhance the use of our Website.  In our general meetings and in this blog, I will keep you apprised of the progress on each of our goals.

I’d like to share this note I received from Victoria Applegate.  Victoria is the V.P. and Director for all the auxiliaries. 

“Palo Alto auxiliary’s numbers are remarkable, especially when you add the extraordinary support from the membership.  You’ve all worked so hard to continue and broaden your events, and to create successful new fundraisers like Restaurants with Heart.  Your members are very generous on a personal level, too, with their financial donations and their heartfelt gifts of bears and pillows and tote bags and so much more.  Please accept our deepest thanks.”

Doesn’t that make you feel good all over!!


·      MARCH 15 General meeting  is 1:00-3:00 at the Forum, 23500 Cristo Rey Drive in Cupertino. Lunch is at noon. If you would like lunch, Elizabeth Modina will need to have your check and reservation or you can call her by March 8th (650) 625-0761. Please write your check for $20.00 made out to Elizabeth Modina. (Lunch is $15.00 plus $47.50 for service which will be divided amongst the number of those having lunch.  You will be reimbursed should it be less than $20.00).  You may call her or write your entrée choice at the bottom of your check.  Entrée choices are:

Assorted Fresh Fruit with choice of Cottage Cheese
Tuna, Chicken or Shrimp Salad
Diced Chicken, Avocado, Egg, Tomato, Cucumber & Blue Cheese, Bacon & Choice of Dressing 
Grilled Chicken  Monterey Jack Cheese in a Flour Tortilla, service with Salsa & Guacamole

·      MARCH 8 Teen Van Visit.  Noon at East Palo Alto High School IN MENLO PARK. 475 Pope Street, Menlo Park.  Parking in front of high school and on side streets.  Van is at rear of school  Walk through the breezeway from the front to the back of the school to reach the Teen Van. Dr. Ammerman will give us a tour and Dr. Margaret Deanesly will join us. Members can bring travel size toiletries or gift cards for the teens.  (For suggestions see the PS at the end of the February Blog)For those who wish to have lunch before or after the noon tour, Mike’s Café is near, 150 Middlefield Road (near Willow Road) in Menlo Park.

·      APRIL 19 GENERAL MEETING has been rescheduled to the VINTAGE GALS LUNCHEON on APRIL 14. We will have just a few announcements at the luncheon (which Gerry tells me is for all who would like to come, not just the “Vintagers”).

·      MARCH 22ND AND 23RD  Restaurants with Heart selection is BONA Restaurant in Menlo Park, offering exquisite Polish cuisine fit for Queen Bona, 16th century queen of Poland.  Details and registration are our website.

It has been an incredibly busy month since last we “talked”.  Just a few notes from the many Association of Auxiliaries meetings I have had to attend.  There will be more in detail on the April Blog.  This is the 2010 report from the Association of Auxiliaries
2010 Gift Report
Palo Alto Auxiliary

Palo Alto Auxiliary contributions:                  $   60,340.00
Direct contributions from members:                300,939.31  
                                    TOTAL:               $ 361,279.31

92 members, or 38% of membership, donated directly out of 240 member total

Cumulative giving from seven Auxiliaries:

Total Auxiliaries contributions for 2010:                 $   988,279
Total member contributions for 2010:               697,863
                                    TOTAL:               $1,686,142

Venue Update:  Work continues on finding the right place for us to meet. Thanks to all who have investigated and/or sent in suggestions.  Know that all suggestions are being followed up on. Report will be given at membership meeting.

  • Roger and Deborah Potash are the designers/creators of our lovely Restaurants with Heart flyers.
  • That all our sister auxiliaries wanted a copy of our PAA Brochure to create one for their auxiliary.
  • That many from our sister auxiliaries made reservations to our restaurants
  • That Charter Auxiliary has come to all our restaurants. Their Rummage Sales are Fridays 11am-2pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm 1228 Douglas Ave., Redwood City.
  • I have heard from no March birthday gals. We have no members born in March?  My goodness!  Please send me your birthday month so we can celebrate with you.
  • That Dallas Manning will custom make a pieced jacket for you for $200 plus fabric and donate that $200 to LPCH!
See you all at the Teen Van Tour on the 8th and at the Forum on the 15th.  Until then,

Luisa Pliska

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